About Kirsty

Hi, I'm Kirsty! I'm 25, from Glasgow in Scotland.


I'm an English and Journalism graduate, currently working in Digital Internal Communications
I love tea, strawberries, dachshunds, penguins and mermaids
I have an addiction to lipsticks and lipbalms!
I'm a dreamer and a romantic, but a cynic 
I write and take photos, even if I'm not very good at it
Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Nabokov are my literary heroes
If I could have lived in a past decade it would be the 20's or the 60's in America
Sydney and Melbourne will always have a part of me
I never want to stop travelling and exploring
I love trying new things
People, love and laughter are the most important things in life
I'm still learning but I want to share as much of my journey as I can


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